The Moon

The Moon by BT45 is designed to bring luxury and extravagant vibrations to any setting. Add it to a classic room decor and the space will seem more modern, but add it to a modern environment and you get the aura of classic decor. The stylish shape of the rising moon and the three-dimensional linear texture of Sisal Maro ebony give character to this piece of furniture. The composition of the door facades forms a complex mosaic. Another innovative element of this composition is the built-in wine cooler in the frame. The Moon by BT45 is the most innovative piece of furniture: European design with a German accent.

Custom Wine Cabinet Dallas

The beautiful craftsmanship of the Moon is complimented with the built-in win cooler.
The additional storage spaces allows for maximum utility and storage, as well as a luxury aspect.

Wine Cabinet Dallas TX

The open shelf segment is made in the trendy angled shape BT45.

The Moon Dallas
Wood Grain Dallas

That’s why The Moon has been designed to create a luxurious,
stylish, yet innovative and dynamic look. The Moon’s
style will magically complement both modern and traditional spaces.

The Moon Dallas TX

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