Developed by BauTeam and manufactured in Germany according to the strictest quality criteria using components that are only obtained from the best European suppliers. BT45 products are the result when the best materials and planning solutions come together. BT45 products are equipped with a complete set of elegant accessories made of black oak in a matte black finish. 

BauTeam BT45 Kitchen
BauTeam BT45 XS


The dialogue between the dark front, seen here in Ceramic Basalt Gray effect, and leather produce an atmosphere reminiscent of a chic bar – particularly, the automated roller shutter “climber” at the bar and pocket door system which houses the BT45 coffee serving base unit.The Miele oven, coffee machine, and back-lit shelf element perfectly underscore this impression just as the seamless island that emphasizes the horizontal axis with deliberately chosen Basalt Gray worktop adds character, reinforcing the solid look.The finely marbled and black leather surface presents a tone of exclusivity and quality.The light-footed cooking counter and PITT cooktop with its ceramic worktop provide the perfect workstation for gourmands with the penchant for things that are different. 


Monolithic and absolutely sublime – this generously sized kitchen block in Nero Marquina marble with its straight size defines the room in a timeless manner. It is a clear statement for a kitchen that becomes a workshop for every aspect of indulgence and enjoyment. The arrangement provides numerous benefits for professional chefs. The intelligent pocket door system stores small appliances out of view in a practical manner while the legendary glass roller shutter “climber” and full-size fridge and freezer units, all combined and arranged perfectly, create a freestanding concrete wall.BT45 CG Kitchen received a prestigious GOOD DESIGN AWARD from: The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. 

BauTeam BT45 CG
BauTeam BT45 THE K


Classic or modern? The best of both can be brought together to create a truly unique luxury kitchen. The K is a modern kitchen design that, alongside your home, would fit in perfectly within the most sophisticated museums and art galleries. With black leather doors on symmetric vertical units and spacious storage adding to its minimalistic, sleek nature, the K is designed to capture the signature look of luxury furniture. The kitchen’s island combines Nero Marquina block with a dark woodblock. In addition, each drawer is fully equipped and includes a hidden beverage cabinet that rises automatically from a remote control. 


Inspired by a hero of MI5 (British Military intelligence, Section 5), this MI45 modern kitchen is designed in the best tradition of the Secret Intelligence Service Design.The super-spy “double-0 -seven” is famous by his always perfectly tailored stylish and fashionable look.He seems to know how to do everything.And he always relies on the fantastic technology which lays somewhere in the haze between reality and fiction.So is MI45 kitchen.The most innovative German technologies, exclusive materials and tailored design are masterfully put together to make jealous the most sophisticated secret agent.3 perfectly shaped African Saint Laurent marble blocks with real brass mitered edges. BT45 MI45 Kitchen received a prestigious GOOD DESIGN AWARD from: The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. 

BauTeam BT45 MI45
BauTeam BT45 G+


The elegant graining of Smoked Eucalyptus with its aesthetic appeal which, although understated, still makes a clear statement and turns this BT45 kitchen into a piece that is nothing short of exceptional.The contrast of White Quartzite and smoked glass doors with brushed stainless-steel frame lends memorable impact with its intentional contrast.Continuing this theme, the minimalist cooking table and hidden cooktop pay a central part in the kitchen’s architecture.Matching it, the 45-degree mitered edge panel, front and counter system combine function and flatters the kitchen. 


The original charm of a kitchen, the feeling of coming home, the sense of refuge and the scent of tasty meals – the best place to experience all this is in a kitchen built with Premium American Walnut – the aura of this Premium, soft, warm wood and its resinous fragrance creates a natural primitiveness with its own very special homely charm.Virtually no other surface finish symbolizes such perfection and is perceived as being so representative.It is instinctively in combination and attractively contrasts with the natural roughness and perfection of “the” island crafted flawlessly with 45 degree edges in Carrara marble.The full effect of natural mood and a calming room climate unfolds in a spaciousness matching the modern alpine architecture which attaches greater value to natural materials.The architecture of the kitchen is also impressive, reduced to just a handful of elements. 

BauTeam BT45 PH
BauTeam BT45 A8


Clare Boothe Luce once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” A backdrop of black matte oak serves the perfect stage for presenting the stunning A8 design–a true work of art. Embracing functionality, storage behind its walls conceal advanced appliances, adding a subtle, timeless beauty, and the herringbone pattern finish complements the eight-shaped island, adding balanced contrast. The island’s sleek design is also achieved by offsetting the ends and bringing about an innovative footprint. 


All BT45 kitchens are architecture and design oriented and combine the finest craftsmanship with advanced German technology, technical excellence and timeless beauty. Our designers are guided by the same design principles as the modern architects such as Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe:“ornamentation is crime” and “form follows function”. However, today the consumer not only seeks functional perfection in the purchased product, but also seeks to express his individuality through it.The designer kitchen by BT45 The Alibi is a great example of how a kitchen can be extravagant, beautiful and functional at the same time.The Alibi will definitely always be the main attraction in the house. The extraordinary state of the art furniture design will emphasize the sophisticated taste of the owner. 

BauTeam BT45 AK45


AK45 is a BT45 kitchen with a “Russian soul”.Stylish and sophisticated cuisine is fraught with many secrets that are not visible to the eye of the layman. The AK-45 is more than just a kitchen: it’s your bar, your safe, and your arsenal. Luxurious American walnut adds softness to edgy design elements. All household appliances are hidden behind pocket doors, creating the look of furniture. The pocket door system allows you to open appliances and slide doors, creating an ergonomically perfect space for cooking and entertainment. Dekton Laurent was used for island doors and countertops. The golden veins of the stone blend together to create the feeling of a solid marble block. The illuminated handle profile wraps around the island like a diamond necklace adding luxury to the entire kitchen design. 


Have you already heard that” the letter M is the most powerful letter in the world”? The fans of the German engineering definitely think so. That’s why BT45 The German Kitchen Tailors brought up its new Mi8 luxury kitchen experience.Created in black monochromatic finishes to specially highlight the distinctive shapes and the most innovative gadgets. The designer palette of this furniture piece is the combination of black glass and black leather fronts framed by the astounding silky matt black stone with dramatic white veins. The freestanding large stone sink is crafted of Nero Marquina Silestone. The unique design of this piece adds a touch of lightness to the architecture of this kitchen. Dekton panels have been used for the wall cladding, the feeling of real concrete created by the panels adds brutality and elegance to the entire kitchen design. 

BauTeam BT45 MI8
BauTeam BT45 SM45


“I never wanted more until I met you.” This phrase from “50 shades of gray” is the best motto for the BT45 SM45 kitchen.Inspired by the famous book by E.L. James, this design is sophisticated, honest, warm, witty, seductive, the list is endless.Signature BT45 Nero marquina marble is used for cladding island cabinets and tall backwall doors. Matching marble panels add a sense of luxury, style and prerogative. A second island is specially designed below to create a seating area or coffee table and allow this modern kitchen to integrate more easily into the open floor plan. The designer played with different heights to add three-dimensional depth to the kitchen architecture. The levitating glass cabinet is designed to display cool and precious items. The kitchen has all the appliances and there is also a bar. Dark eucalyptus doors complement the marble doors and enhance their beauty. But the main element is hidden: “It’s right outside this door. My playroom…” 


LMBG kitchen by BT45 embodies athletic dynamism at its finest.It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous to behold, combining the bold floating island – signature BT45 design with a convenient cooking area on the rear in glossy orange-yellow lacquer to add a contemporary sense of metropolitan sheen Despite its sleek shape, this kitchen is a beast for the professional chef with next-level interior BT45 organization. The design of this kitchen is truly unique: this dream kitchen design could only be achieved with the most innovative technologies of the best German engineering.Sexy, bold and bright – LMBG by BT45. “Work hard till your kitchen doors open in a vertical wall.” 

BauTeam BT45 LMBG

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